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Analysis Of The Movie Aida - 2099 Words

For a long moment, when she was on the ground, mounted with a hand down her shorts, filling her body with such confusing, conflicting sensations, Aida was terrified. She could feel the control slipping, just as it had during her first match, and a part of the girl almost wanted to give up, get it over with, rather than letting her opponent drag out her defeat. But sheer force of will drove her to keep calm- as best she could, anyway- and wait for a chance, any possible opportunity, to present itself that would help her turn things around. And sure enough, that very miracle came, and in what seemed like no time at all, things had swung firmly back into Aida s favor, her confidence swelling with every moment; each time her knuckles thudded†¦show more content†¦Clamping down as tightly as she could on the toppled fighter s bruised sides, leaving Ava with only one free arm with which to defend herself, Aida nonetheless had more than a little trouble keeping her balance as Ava be gan to buck and thrash with what energy her sore, tired muscles could provide. But the look of denial, disbelief, and desperation in Ava s eyes was delicious, and for a scant moment, the Valkyrie nearly succumbed to the same temptation her opponent had; a part of her wanted to try and drag this fight out just a bit longer. But Aida was champion for a reason, and where Ava had let her arrogance and desire to showboat cost her a potential win, Aida was not going to let the whimsical tides of fate decide this outcome. But she knew that at best she d have less than half a minute to secure the win before the bell rang, and she was just so fucking tired, even lifting her arms was becoming more and more difficult. If Aida couldn t end this, she didn t know if she d be able to Ava in round two. Sweeping aside Ava s vaguely defending free arm with her hand, batting it away every time she tried to raise it in a block, Aida cocked back the other hand in a fight fist and slugged the Sheriff across the jaw, shouting; â€Å"TAP, YOU SLUT! FUCKING TAP!† A second punch, and then a third, and even a fourth, and for aShow MoreRelatedThe Hierarchy Model of Advertising Effects: a Debate2890 Words   |  12 Pagesthe implications of this for integrated marketing communications. THE HIERARCHY OF EFFECTS MODELS The conceptual model they implicitly apply to advertising is a simple causal hierarchy of effects [4], little changed in its essentials from the AIDA model, which has been around since 1898 [5]. Hierarchy of advertising effects models have been around in the literature of marketing for more than a century [6]. The traditional hierarchy framework asserts that consumers respond to advertising messagesRead MoreMarketing and Product Essay12745 Words   |  51 Pagesemployee which would make it hard for the person to be gone. 5. In your own words, explain how a marketing manager might use a competitor analysis to avoid situations that involve head-on competition. In my last career, I worked for a nursing home group. Our company owned 14 nursing homes in Alabama. Our marketing manager used competitor analysis to decrease our empty rooms and to head off the competition. He focused on the short term stays that bring in the most money for nursing homeRead MoreARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE6331 Words   |  26 Pages1000 years after the commonwealth there is a computer system called ANA (Advanced Neural Activity) where minds are transferred to after a person grows tired of life, and can live out the rest of their existence in a virtual reality. ï‚ · In the movie D.A.R.Y.L. scientists replace a young boys brain with a computer. ï‚ · In Neal Ashers Polity Universe, a variety of trans and post human scenarios are explored, with many humans augmenting their minds with cybernetic implants. Some are even Read MoreSony Playstation 35311 Words   |  22 Pages [pic] Executive Summary 3 The anatomy of the product 4 Step Factors 6 Social Environment 6 Technological Environment 7 Economic Environment 8 Political Environment 8 Buying behaviour sony playstation 3 9 AIDA 9 Attention 10 The decision making process 10 Environmental influences 11 The Abell-Model: Sony Playstation 3 12 Marketing segmentation 14 Demographical segmentation 14 Psychological segmentation 15 Recommendation 16 Appendix 17 Read MoreA Study On The Mapping Process Of Mapping The Coordinates Of Persons, Organisations, Events2799 Words   |  12 Pagesrefers to mentions which cannot be correlated to any entity in Knowledge base. The solution to this problem is given as (2.2) ∅(m_i,e_i) - Context Similarity of mention mi and candidate entity ei . - coherence of Ï„ Evaluation: The Text Analysis Conference Knowledge Base Population (TAC-KBP) shared tasks have established common datasets that emphasize ambiguous queries, and formalize NIL linking for queries not referring to a KB node. TAC queries consist of an entity mention string and aRead MoreToyota Motor Corporations Lexus Brand: Marketing Assignment2701 Words   |  11 Pagesthe three major initiatives of Satisfaction, Value and Loyalty, Lexus will be unveiling its 2013 models, including a new Hybrid that will be hitting the international market August/September 2012. Based on new strategic positioning, we will use the AIDA model to develop strategic communications objectives for increasing awareness and desire for the new Hybrid models (CT, RX, GS, LS): Objective #1 Use social media and the internet to create buzz about the new model hybrids. Measureable output =Read MoreEssay about HND Unit 4 Marketing Principles Assignment4160 Words   |  17 Pagesdecisions are influenced by macro and the micro environmental factors. Businesses can cover the inside factors with a SWOT model analysis and the external factors can be assessed by doing a PEST model analysis. The advantage of doing these analyses is the identification of opportunities and knowing where the organization is at that moment. Apple Inc. 2013 SWOT analysis: - Strengths: brand reputation and own retail stores. Combined with a strong financial performance and innovative capabilitiesRead MoreMarketing Communication in the Hospitality Industry34407 Words   |  138 Pages.................................................... 23 3.4.2 Interviews ......................................................................... 24 3.4.3 Conducting the Interviews ................................................ 25 3.5 Data Analysis .............................................................................. 26 3.6 Quality of the Research............................................................... 26 4 Empirical Findings ..............................................Read MoreResearch on Persuasive Techniques Used in Advertising Industry12297 Words   |  50 Pagesmedia refers to the institutions that provide such messages: newspapers, magazines, television, radio, film and multimedia Web sites. The term also is used for the specific institutions of mass media, such as radio networks and television stations, movie companies, music producers, and the Internet. 2|Page Introduction to Research RESEARCH Research is an inseparable part of human knowledge. Research is a careful investigation or inquiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledgeRead MoreCreativity in Advertising15483 Words   |  62 Pagesservices and coordinal public relations also facilitate sales promotion. Massive advertising is useful to support the sales promotion campaigns. 1.4 AIDA Formula in Advertising The AIDA formula in advertising was suggested by E.K. Strong in his book â€Å"the psychology of selling.† This formula suggests the steps in the process of advertising. The term AIDA is a short form derived from the four words: A ATTENTION I INTEREST D DESIRE A ACTION * A = Attracting Attention: It

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Designing A Sales Subsidiary Structure - 1710 Words

In the organizational context, I recommend Winch-It to adopt ‘Sales subsidiary structure’. I judged that it was the most appropriate stages to dive in among the four stages of internationalization considering the company’s situation and attitude. In the staffing context, I recommend Winch-It to take the ethnocentric approach in the staffing context and the balance sheet approach in international compensation. Finally, in international performance management, I listed several issues need to be concerned and suggested adopt not ‘TCN role conception’ but ‘PCN role conception’. Introduction The main object of this portfolio is to provide the board with useful advice for Winch-It to develop an international business. Since they are uncertain of what type of organizational structure they would build for international operations and what country to expand, I reflected the board’s demand and explanation of the company’s current situation mostly than other variables to compose my recommendations. The organizational context I would like to recommend Winch-It to adopt ‘Sales subsidiary structure’. Typically, initial stage for manufacturing firms entering international operations is exporting. Therefore, theoretically the optimal organizational structure for Winch-it which has no experience of in establishing any form of oversea operation is ‘Export department structure’. However, I would like to take a more realistic approach than this. The board is confident that Winch-ItShow MoreRelatedStone Finch Inc.: Young Division, Old Division1233 Words   |  5 PagesWater Products Inc. with Goldfinch Technologies in 2000. Stone Water Products manufactured products for the water/wastewater industry. It had built its reputation on the quality of its products as well as the excellent services that the company’s sales force provided. Goldfinch Technologies on the other hand, was a five-year biochemical firm that provided solutions for the water/wastewater processing market. It was c onsidered a company with high perspectives and could serve as a great opportunityRead MoreApple s Strategies For Global Tax Minimization914 Words   |  4 Pagesmove their profits very easy to their subsidiaries in the lower tax jurisdiction, since their products are downloadable and can be sold from anywhere around the world. They don’t need a physical store or manufacture like automakers or grocery store. Therefore, although technology companies are now becoming a part of the largest companies in the U.S., they are among the least companies taxed, according to government. In 1980s, Apple was the first company in designing an international tax minimizationRead MoreThe Different Levels Of Local Responsiveness Within Multinational Companies1434 Words   |  6 Pagesthey to make this change work appropriately for both the organisation and consumer. Global strategies integrate strategic decisions and centralize core operations, and thus assign subsidiaries very specific task. Hence, knowledge flows are primarily top down, and control is tight. Multi-domestic strategies assign subsidiaries a specific scope with respect to local markets, but allow more local adaptation. International strategies, also known as multi domestic strategies, involve an initial transfer ofRead MoreForeign Market Entry Modes Essay959 Words   |  4 PagesWhy do companies entry foreign Markets? A company may be looking to increase profits and sales. They can accomplish this by creating new markets in foreign countries or they may increase sales in a foreign market that is growing f aster than the domestic market. Companies also go abroad to protect their home market. By challenging a competitor in their own market it may prevent that competitor from challenging a company in its own home market. Thirdly, companies may be going abroad in search of lowerRead MoreCase Study : Martinrea International Inc.1667 Words   |  7 Pagescompany has four sectors in its corporate structure, which include aluminum, fluids, metallics and modules. Martinrea’s four core sectors service mainly the automotive industry, however, the company has also begun to seek a broader cross-section of clientele, investing in lower volume assembly line parts such as buses, recreational vehicles, air conditioning, military and farm appliances.    Over the past 14 years, Martinrea has evolved from a tiny subsidiary of Royal Laser Tech Corporation into aRead MoreRichard Branson and the Virgin Group of Companies in 20071099 Words   |  5 Pagessteady future. In this paper we will brake down the strategic of sense of apparent entrepreneurial chaos. We will address topics such as key resources, dominant logic, characteristics of markets that conform to this logic, and designing a corporate strategy and structure. B. Analysis †¢ Key Resources o Virgin Brand The Virgin name is the group’s most important asset. The group is involved in a variety of different business ranging from airlines, books, jewelry toRead MoreCase Study : Martinrea International Inc. Essay817 Words   |  4 Pagescompany has four sectors in its corporate structure, which include aluminum, fluids, metallics and modules. Martinrea’s four core sectors service mainly the automotive industry. However, the company has also begun to seek a broader cross-section of clientele, investing in lower volume assembly line parts such as buses, recreational vehicles, air conditioning, military, and farm appliances.    Over the past 14 years, Martinrea has evolved from a tiny subsidiary of Royal Laser Tech Corporation into aRead MoreCustomer Benefit Package Essay913 Words   |  4 Pagesdelivery system design, and service encounter design. In the readings below, the write has developed an analogy on LensCrafters. The analogy is based on LensCrafters’ case study from textbook and other resources. â€Æ' Introduction: History A subsidiary of Italys Luxottica SpA, U.S.-based LensCrafters Inc. is the worlds leading retailer of eyewear. Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 1998, the company was a pioneer of the super optical segment. Its’ phenomenal growth under U.S. Shoe in theRead MoreInventory Segmentation Of The Amazon Warehousing1215 Words   |  5 Pagesaccount for more than 40 million square feet of space. Additionally, Amazon has made significant investments in material handling systems, including the acquisition of Kiva Systems for $775 million in 2012, which is working now as an Amazon subsidiary designing robots, developing software and other hardware that has been used in the distribution facilities of companies such as The Gap, Office Depot, and Staples (Lieb, 2014). Getting into this enormous Warehousing infrastructure, four main elementsRead MoreEntry Into the Foreign Market: Investing in Myanmar1573 Words   |  6 Pageswill take into consideration the barriers to entry, marketing costs, delivery and sales, and the probable result of venturing in the market during the planning stage. A market entry strategy is the finding of the methods of transporting goods and services to the market and distributing them there and developing ways to attain and run contracts in the foreign country. Common market entry strategies are; direct sales, agent/representative, distributor, licensing, joint venture, franchising, and export

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Work in Progress free essay sample

When the Bank of America (BOA) launched it mobile banking platform in May 2007, it enhanced service options to its customers by creating smartphone applications (apps) which allowed customers to access account information and make transactions remotely and on the move without having to visit a BOA branch, ATM or even having to have access to a computer. Douglas Brown who had been responsible for the initial development and launch of the mobile banking platform reported in 2010 that just under three years BOA has observed an adoption rate five to eight times that of their online banking initiative which had occurred several years before (Norris, 2012). This level of success was noted as being very apparent to the line-of business managers who are directly responsible for various profit driven portfolios such as mortgages etc. As noted by (Norris, 2012) the United States financial services industry is significantly fragmented with BOA being the largest individual market segment holder (total of 46. 4% in total being held by the top ten largest banks). After the financial crisis of 2009-2010 consumer confidence in some of the larger banks including BOA was shaky. BOA determined that there were opportunities for customers to be poached away by smart firms that focused on reduced fees and providing enhanced levels of customer service. The events lead to a marketplace where competitors were waiving ATM fees and offered increased access to banking representatives. Several lessons can be drawn from the BOA online banking operations. BOA implemented its online banking platform in the late 1990s with the intention of providing its customers with significantly increased level of convince and access to banking services. By moving more of the basic client activities to online banking BOA had created an opportunity to reduce cost by migrating its customers from branches and call centers to the comfort of their own homes. Initially when the online banking platform was launched BOA charged a monthly fee. Given that technology was new early potential customers were somewhat reluctant to utilize the service due to the extra cost, fears of security breaches the inconvenience of having to enter all of their individual billing information into the system. In 2002 however BOA removed the month fee associated with online banking and this helped to further consumer comfort with adapting to the new format of banking. As comfort levels continued to rise by 2009, BOA had growen to be just fewer than 30 million online banking customers. As more customers make use of the online banking services this had a considerable impact on other bank service options such as ATMs, call centers, retail branches etc. The following table taken from Norris, 2012 demonstrates clearly the impact that the adaption of online banking has had on the overall utilization of banking services. Furthermore the table demonstrates a dramatic increase in monthly transactions that occur once a customer has made an active move to online banking. These results are significant as the increase in online banking creates more transactions per customer while decreasing operating costs of various other service offering units such as call centers or branches (costs per transactions reduction from $1. 34 at the branch to as low as $0. 03-$0. 04 online). BOA also observed during 2003-2006 that the customer retention levels for online banking customers exceeded that of control groups. Those customers who were used online banking to pay bills etc. showed the greatest levels of incremental benefit to the bank. Thus one can clear state that online/mobility based methods of banking show great promise for increasing business, reducing costs and increasing client retention. Costs of customers migrating to online banking: There are clear costs associated with customers migrating towards online banking platforms. BOA stated that there would be significant capital investment and operational costs associated with creating and maintaining an online banking platform. Costs per transactions have been noted as $0. 03-$0. 04$. Benefits of having customers migrate to online banking: The benefits of having customers migrate to online banking are vast as demonstrated by BOA. Not only does it increase customer satisfaction it also significantly reduces costs. By moving transactions out of service areas that are more costly such as branches, retailers and call centers we see a reduction in the overall operating bottom line. Combine this with long the long term trend of more consumers moving towards online based services we see a dramatic reduction in service center space allocations and staffing requirements (further savings). Combined this with an overall increase in customer retention as observed on the following table pro vided by Norris, 2012 The benefits of online banking are clear; reduced costs, more bank business significantly increased client retention with all of this being a direct result of providing a more convenient/improved customer experience. 4) How should McDonald and Brown respond to the LOB managers’ request to include more functions in the bank’s mobile app? Bank of America’s line of business managers were very well aware of the success of the adaptation of mobile banking. In less than three years BOA has grown its client base of mobile banking users to four million. This represented and adoption rate of five to eight times that of the online banking service offered by BOA in May 2007 (Norris, 2012). Given this type of success it only makes sense that line of business managers would want to leverage the resource to increase profitability for their given portfolios (mortgages, credit cards etc. ). Thus Brown had been consistently receiving request to build in further app capabilities for their specific needs. Brown in response to the request to add more complex features to the mobile application should be focused on the key factors that lead to the success of online banking and subsequently the launch of the mobile banking app. Both of these services added convenience and an enhanced level of user experience for banking customers. Brown should also draw attention to the fact that their has already been some well known cases where mobile apps had become too complex and thus led to failure in the marketplace. Adding to complexity also creates a chance for slower transaction speeds which could create a negative user experience resulting in clients taking their business elsewhere. Further if BOA were to build further or even additional applications for these units it would have pull resources from other key segments such as ATMs and online banking. However with that being said Brown would have to acknowledge that competitions such as Citi and Wells Fargo have already created separate mobile applications for different target groups feeling that they could provide their clients with more customized user experiences. Brown can instruct the LOB managers to review how customers use mobile bank applications and cite results from 2009 where 99% of BoA clients used the app to view account balances and 90% viewing account transaction level information. One of the most active users of mobile banking were debit card holders who wanted to check their available balanced prior to making a purchase with their debit cards. Surveys of user experience had indicated that 76% those surveyed felt an increased level of customer satisfaction as a direct result to the introduction of the mobile application, thus the importance of the application remaining user friendly and efficient. Brown should also point out that although adding complexity to the application is not desirable it could be leveraged to market the other services of interest to the LOB managers. Thus the application can be used to direct clients who are interested in complex services such as mortgages into online banking or into branches where more customizable service offerings are available.

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What Does A Relationship Do For An Individual Every Relationship Betw

What does a relationship do for an individual? Every relationship between a male and female change their current status. Having a relationship affected me in many ways in which some are good and some bad. The good and bad sides to having a relationship are lower grades, need of more money, but a better social life. One of the main reasons why students receive lower grades are due to relationships. Having to be able to keep in touch with the one you have feelings for takes time away from your homework andother things you might need to accomplish. Some students may be able to get their priorities straight and stay on track but its highly unlikely. Your homwork piles up little by little and you won't even notice it until the day before all the work is due! That'swhen you'll realize you're behind, but by then it's too late. Money is a key factor to a relationship because in a relationship every couple wants to do things togetherlike watch a movie, eat dinner, or buy him/her a gift. You may be able to stay on track in school, have high grades, etc. but the point is its better when you have a relationship than not having one. Well, for most people anyways. One thing for sure is that you'll have a better social life. You'll have someone to talk to when you have problems and someone to lean on She can be a great comfort to you if the person actually does care for you. If you're going out with a person becausethe person just has a nice physical appearance, than you might not have that luxury, but it is a great convenience for most people. I hope this has informed everyone that read this about the good and bad sides to having a relationship. There are many other reasons to a relationship, but these are the main three things to it, at least for me anyways. My advice to everyone is, wait until you're out of school if you want a good future, because it can really mess your grades up, but if you're willing to be diligent and can live with less sleep then by all means......start a relationship. At least, one that will last.

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Books to Increase Self-Confidence

Books to Increase Self-Confidence The shelves of self-help books are bursting. You can find books on finding inner peace, becoming a millionaire in 3 years, conquering your fears, fixing your social life, becoming a great leader, mastering your own fate, and thousands upon thousands of other topics. What very few of these books tell you, however, is that all of this every improvement plan you make to achieve all that you want begins with self-confidence. Nothing works until you have it. And self-confidence really boils down to trust trusting yourself more than others. So, if you are going to that self-help section today, here are 10 books that will begin your journey. 1. BARTON GOLDSMITH - 100 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE This is probably the most practical of all books on building self-confidence, and such an easy read. Goldsmith has it nailed with his descriptions of people who lack confidence. He has prescriptions for getting rid of all of those thoughts, behaviors and habits that tell yourself and others that you are well kind of wimpy, and that you are letting events and others control you. His tips range from intellectual behaviors (educating yourself), to physical style (new clothes and grooming) to embracing your flaws. 2. STEVEN R. COVEY - 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE Most people have the impression that this book is written only for the career professional who wants to get ahead. Yes, it is. But the principles apply to anyone and to any aspect of ones life. And, each of the 7 habits that Covey has described begins with self-confidence. Its all a matter of practicing certain behaviors until they become habitual once they do, you have changed your mindset. The overriding principle is really act as if you are highly successful and you will be. 3. GARY VURNUM - INSTANT CONFIDENCE: 92 TIPS This book does not have amazing new insights to give. It is literally 92 tips for everyday action that can project you as a self-confident person. (e.g., change the focus away from you). The basic idea is this use the tips, others will see you as self-confident, and you will respond to that be being even more self-confident. Its a good book to have around to remind yourself of the behaviors you need to be exhibiting. 4. ANTHONY ROBBINS AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN This is not a book you will want to read quickly. It addresses how you become the master of your own destiny, step by step from the decisions you make, to the vocabulary you choose. The book is filled with challenges for you to take up even a 7-day master plan to get control and become the self-confident giant you should be. 5. SAM HORN WHATS HOLDING YOU BACK? How about walking into a room full of strangers and being able to walk up to any of them and begin a conversation? This book is a 30-day diet of learning how to be more powerful in all settings (work, social, home), to stop comparing yourself to others (a true killer of self-confidence), and to never worry again about the impression you are making. Each chapter is a day of the 30. The best way to read this? One chapter a night before you go to bed with the commitment to follow through the next day. 6. BRIAN ROET - THE CONFIDENCE TO BE YOURSELF If you have never heard of cognitive-behavioral therapy, you will understand it after you read this book. The basic principle is that once you change your thinking, your behaviors will change to match that thinking. This book will teach you how to change those low self-esteem thoughts into thoughts of confidence, based on who you are, and then you can watch the transformation that occurs on the outside. 7. KEV​IN LEMAN - HAVE A NEW YOU BY FRIDAY An inspirational read but also one that has wonderfully practical advice about becoming self-confident. You begin by accepting the truth about yourself (Monday), and move on from there to identifying the lies you tell yourself (Wednesday), and so on. This is a great read, because Dr. Leman is so funny while he literally shows you how to transform yourself into a confident person in 5 days. 8. MARK GOULSTON - GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY We are our own worst enemies this old saying comes to life in Goulstons great book. Even though it is a fun read with lots of examples we can see in ourselves, it is packed with loads of practical advice for overcoming fear, anxiety, and a host of other emotions and thoughts that cause our lack of confidence. Once we slay those dragons, one by one, we emerge triumphant and confident. 9. ADAM KHAN SELF-HELP STUFF THAT WORKS Short chapters, easy to read, spliced with humor and advice for everyday situations. Khan doesnt spend any time on deep philosophical or psychological meanings for our lack of confidence he nails the behaviors and how to change them. 350 pages of golden nuggets! 10.RICHARD MACHOWICZ UNLEASH THE WARRIOR WITHIN Machowicz was a Navy SEAL in his former life and has now translated all of what he learned to very practical steps for everyday people to gain self-confidence and realize their goals. For example, you complete every task on time, no matter what the conditions and your approach is always based on a single thought failure is not an option. And its all about the weapons you choose knowledge, attitude, and commitment. The analogy to being a warrior on the battle field and being a warrior in life is really quite stunning.

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Gnostic Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Ethics Assignment

Gnostic Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Ethics - Assignment Example For the Gnostics, therefore, the first cause of reality is a transcendental pure spirit that is nothing like what we know, it is a transcendental pure spirit that we can’t conceive with our senses. However, for the Gnostics, unlike many monotheistic religions like Christianity, the first cause of reality, the unknown God, is not a personal being; the first cause is an impersonal pure spirit. To account for the multiplicity of reality, especially the material reality, the Gnostics held that God did not create or fashion reality, the way Christianity teaches, but that the cosmos as we know it emanated from the undefined infinite. The Gnostics, therefore, are in some sense pantheistic, for they hold that everything emanated from the unknown God, and therefore everything has a spark of the pure spirit, unknown God. The Gnostics hold that Aeons, which are deific beings who exist between the pure spirit and human beings, are spiritual realities, and not material. One of the Aeons is the Demiurge, and according to the Gnostics, the material reality was created by the Demiurge and not by the undefined pure spirit directly. To account for how the spiritual Demiurge created the material reality, the Gnostics claimed that, the creation of the material world resulted from a flaw or a sin on the Aeon Demiurge. For the Gnostics, therefore, the material reality is flawed because it res ulted from the flaw or sin on the Demiurge (The Gnostic Worldview, web). For this reason, therefore, Gnostic held that nature is dualistic: the spiritual reality and physical reality. A critical look at the Gnostic Metaphysics shows that the main merit in the Gnostic view of reality lies in the Gnostic scholars attempt to account for the material world. The Gnostics, however, did not give a convincing account of the origin of material reality.